IBM Digital Business Assistant

IBM Digital Business Assistant is an intelligent digital assistant that can understand complex situations, gather and prioritize data, and make everyday business tasks easy to understand and complete.


IBM Digital Business Assistant is able to gather data that is scattered across enterprise applications, customer relationship management, support systems, spreadsheets and more, and deliver it to the user when and how it’s needed. With IBM Digital Business Assistant users can tackle their business tasks and address their needs easier than ever. 


This project started from scratch and the scope was rather ambitious, so we tried to conduct a lot of research sessions to understand the area. We first conducted intense generative user research about the needs and pain points of our target users. We then held a strategy workshop with design, offering management, and engineering teams in order to align them in the problem space, as well as brainstorm the best possible solution. 

Because we conducted to user research in advance we were able to drive a common vision for the product that met user needs as well as had a feasible direction and end goal. The design team was spread across four different countries and three different timezones. Many of the engineers were located in Paris, France and project managers in Austin, TX so communication and team work was a crucial aspect.